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Confidential Information
(a) Acknowledgment of Confidentiality. Each party hereby acknowledges that it may be exposed to confidential and proprietary information belonging to the other party or relating to its affairs, including, without limitation, source code and design materials for Custom Work Product and other materials expressly designated or marked as confidential. Confidential Information does not include (i) information already known or independently developed by the recipient; (ii) information in the public domain through no wrongful act of the party, or (iii) information received by a party from a third party who was free to disclose it.
(b) Covenant Not to Disclose. Each party hereby agrees that during the Term and at all times thereafter it shall not use, commercialize or disclose the other party's Confidential Information to any person or entity, except to its own employees having a "need to know," and to such other recipients as the other party may approve in a signed writing. Each party shall use at least the same degree of care in safeguarding the other party's Confidential Information as it uses in safeguarding its own Confidential Information, but in no event shall a party use less than due diligence and care. Neither party shall alter or remove from any software, documentation or other Confidential Information of the other party (or any third party) any proprietary, copyright, trademark or trade secret legend.
During the Term and for a period of one (1) year thereafter, Hiring Party agrees not to hire, solicit, nor attempt to solicit the services of any employee or subcontractor of Contractor without the prior written consent of Contractor. Violation of this provision shall, in addition to other relief, entitle Contractor to assert liquidated damages against Hiring Party equal to one hundred fifty (150) percent of the solicited person's annual compensation.
Injunctive Relief
The parties acknowledge that violation by one party of the provisions of Section 6 ("Proprietary Rights"), Section 7 ("Confidential Information") or Section 8 ("Noncircumvention") would cause irreparable harm to the other party not adequately compensable by monetary damages. In addition to other relief, it is agreed that preliminary and permanent injunctive relief shall be available without necessity of posting bond to prevent any actual or threatened violation of such provisions.
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