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Tiger Design Business and Media Services
Internet & E-Commerce:
The internet opens up vast new possibilities for businesses that prepare themselves to succeed in the online environment. Tiger Design provides complete internet services including:
URL Searches & Domain Name Registration
Has your business secured its "dot com" address? Tiger Design can research your URL and register it immediately if it is available. If the URL you desire is not available, we can assist you in selecting an appropriate alternative.
Website Design
A business that presents itself on the web with concise dialogue and sharp graphics gets instant credibility from savvy consumers. Website design is a unique blend of art and programming. We view your website as a product that must satisfy the demands of the user based on industrial design principles. Ease-of-use, organization, aesthetics and efficiency must come together to form an elegant solution.
Website Hosting
We take care of the architecture of your site, from uploading html and graphic files to ensuring that all navigation and links are operational. Our staff and server partners are on duty around the clock to ensure performance. Tiger Design will create email addresses based on your new domain name and we can forward email from that address to an existing account.
Website Maintenance
Is your existing website full of stale material, links that go nowhere and outdated graphics? One of the most important components of a dynamic website is fresh content. Tiger Design will create a site for you and schedule updates so that your web traffic keeps coming back. We can also upgrade an existing site and keep it up-to-date by adding new content at the rate you determine. Our current schedules range from updates once a month to daily updates.
E-Commerce Solutions
Selling products over the internet can cut costs and help find niche markets. Businesses that position themselves online and offer their customers secure, efficient e-commerce benefit from consumer buying practices. Tiger Design creates attractive and enticing online product displays. We have strategic alliances with e-commerce partners and can develop unique architecture to service all your online product ventures.  
- For more information or to schedule a meeting so that we can discuss your needs, please contact Tiger Design at (334) 246-4600 or info@tigerdesign.com

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