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Tiger Design Business and Media Services
Marketing Consultation
Marketing your idea can be tough. You need new customers and reasons for the old ones to keep coming back. Tiger Design offers consulting services in focusing your marketing plan. We help you identify your core group of potential customers. Once this target has been defined, we develop concepts for you to attract these potential buyers. Our assistance doesn't end there. As a total business and media services company, Tiger Design will help turn concepts into action.
Advertising Consultation
Advertising is a necessity in our world. Tiger Design will show you the demographics for the market you seek and handle everything from the creation of the advertisement to its placement in the right venue. We will assess your current advertising campaign and propose new approaches and techniques. Tiger Design understands that advertising is a critical element in your strategy. It attracts new customers and reminds current customers of their satisfaction.
Technology Consultation
The influx of technology into the business world is evident. Do you feel overwhelmed by new technology? Put our knowledge to work for you by directing Tiger Design to handle the challenge. We assess your unique situation and suggest hardware and software that will deliver the results you desire. The accumulated experience at Tiger Design will assure you that our consultations are right on target.
Strategic Planning & Training Services
The key to surviving and flourishing in today's business environment is to have your goals and plans clearly mapped. You won't be sidetracked by minor details when the big picture is clear. Tiger Design offers consultations in strategic planning for your business. We have resources from all facets of the business world. Once we have agreed on the direction your business should go, Tiger Design will craft a strategy that helps you hit your targets and achieve your goals. We also provides training to your business in marketing, advertising, computing and strategic planning.
- For more information or to schedule a meeting so that we can discuss your needs, please contact Tiger Design at (334) 246-4600 or info@tigerdesign.com

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